How to Potty Training Boys Super Quickly

Potty training boys is quite stressful as most of the moms are saying based on their experiences.  This kind of stress is very common but due to the help of some experts, there are so many ways on how to get around this kind of potty training issue.

For you to start on how to potty train a boy, here are some of the basic tips that might be very useful along the process:

  • Enlist Daddy or older brother. Like any ordinary kids, young boys tend to copy things that adults are doing. If the boy doesn’t have an older male sibling, you can have him observe his daddy when going to the restroom. As he does it regularly, he will realize that boys have different way of peeing compared to mom.
  • Proper way of wees. Since your child is still young, start teaching him on how to wee by sitting on the potty train. As he gets a little older, you could introduce weeing while standing. Add fun into his weeing habit by putting a ball target into the tool. He can wee on the target so there will be no leaks on the floor.
  • Getting tools for him. Once your boy is ready, make sure that you are also ready not only emotionally but physically. When he starts showing signs like diaper irritation, start introducing him to the potty tool. During this stage, encourage him to wear underpants. Discourage him from going back to diapers again.
  • Rewards. This is the last resort whenever the boys are becoming so stubborn. This will attract their diverted attention. With the rewards waiting, boys will always perform their potty activity very well.

Toilet training boys may come in different ways depending on the personality of the child. Make sure that you have read manuals and books related to potty training before starting the process.