5 Major Benefits of Montessori Preschool in Houston, TX

Top 5 Advantages of Montessori Preschool

preschoolIf you think sending your kids to Montessori preschool in Houston, TX is right for your child’s needs, you can go ahead and sign up for the services. Most parents do this as they have realized the lifetime benefits that this type of set up brings.

Below are some of the varying benefits that one can enjoy if you send your child to Montessori:

(1) Cooperative play
This kind of skill is developed through making the child realize and understand the sense of community. The learning process should not only focus on the teachers. The children should also cooperatively work with each other.

(2) Focus on developmental stage
The age range of most kids being enrolled to Montessori is ranging from 3-5 years old. This is the time wherein the language skills of these children are being honed, as well as the development of the muscle through play.

(3) Child centered learning process
The curriculum designed for the classroom is centered to develop the child’s learning process and developmental stage. Their ability to explore is being encouraged through the help of learning aids, comfortable furniture, chairs and other visual aids. The child’s peer to peer relationship is being moderated by the teacher. Most of the time story telling is being done.

(4) Self discipline
One of the best things that a Montessori could give to your child is self discipline. With the ground rules being imposed, they learn how to adjust, follow and develop intrapersonal skills. Before the child could proceed primary school, his or her self discipline is already refined.

(5) Well guided learning
With the teacher’s curriculum being implemented, the learning is directed towards a certain goal on a daily basis.

Secure the future of your child by getting the service of Montessori preschool in Houston, TX. Call your nearest provider now in your area to check the coverage.

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How to Assess Daycare Service in Spring, TX

Steps in Assessing Daycare Service

Sending your kids to a daycare in Spring, TX will give you lots of advantages. If you are one of the busy parents who could not take care of your baby during the daytime, sending them to a daycare center is an important move.

What are the advantages of sending your kids to the center?

Trained staff: When you cannot afford to hire for a full time nanny, leaving your kids at the center under the supervision of trained staff is a very good alternative choice. The staffs are not just there to guard the children; they are also being taught with some basic knowledge, like alphabets, numbers, colors and many more.

Programs: Unlike a nanny, the supervision in a daycare center is following a certain module tailored to enrich the growth of the children. They are not just there to play games for the whole time; they are in the center to learn new things and make better individuals out of them.

Sociable: Since they mingle with other kids, your children will grow up as sociable ones. Unlike staying at home, being in the center will surely give them some new learning experiences every day. They get to communicate with their playmates, thus developing interpersonal and intrapersonal relationship at the very young age.

Cheaper: Unlike hiring a full time nanny which is expensive, sending them to daycare will save you a lot of cash. All you need to do is patiently drop off your baby in the morning and fetch them every afternoon.

But as a parent, you should always be watchful regarding the service of daycare in Spring, TX you are getting. Make sure that the center is authorized for operation. Looking at the portfolio of the staff is really important. Always bear in mind that raising a baby should be done in creative and educational way. Call your nearest center now for more information.

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Plush Animals For A New Generation

It is hard to believe that now we have focus on many developments, but not for the technological advancement of toys. Sure we are talking about toys, I know it seems to be of no consequence to you and me, But for children it means everything. You can purchase many different toys for your children, but I want to talk about the toy called “MushaBellies”. These are indeed plush toys, but this toy comes with a virtual augmented reality game, that can be played on an I pad or Cell Phone. These toys for children come in all sorts like bees hedgehogs, cows etc.

The benefit of letting your children play with MushaBellies is most toys provide only amusement for children but MushaBellies also provide entertainment. It is like they can enter an augmented reality along with the MushaBellies. This means that when your child receives one of these toys, they can play with the plush toy as well as having fun in the virtual world of MushaBellies at the same time.

Remember when we were small and played with stuffed animals? We had to imagine a world of our own. MushaBellies provide that world, a safe fun virtual world for your child to play. We complain about violent video games where innocent charm is lost, but this isn’t the case with MushaBellies every child even their friends can be and play in a safe virtual environment at the same time, even any adult would love to play in the augmented reality of a MushaBellies.

This is a great way to revive the fun of having a plush animal. You could buy them right on the web site and then load them on the Internet. Now you and your friends can gather and have fun with your new toys at the kitchen table, in the park, anywhere! You can have so much fun with MushaBellies. You can set up your target almost anywhere and the best part is you can capture photos of the game in action and email them to your friends and family. We give you a secret code to load your MushaBellies onto the Internet. The best part is the more MushaBellies you get the more levels you can play.

There are so many MushaBellies for you to choose from. You could Purchase the unusual ones like the hedgehog or the more popular one like the bumblebee! And you can have many Mushabellies playing in your virtual world at once. Add to your game whenever you can and have more adventures! So don’t wait. Just go on the Internet to HeeBeeGeeBees Toy Store and you can easily find the perfect MushaBellies for your child.

Click here to go to HeeBeeGeeBees Toy Store to see the video explaining more about the MushaBellies toys and purchase your own augmented reality MushaBellies

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How to Start Your Own Babysitting Service

You’re a teenager, looking for some spending money. You love kids, and would love to babysit. You live in a neighborhood or apartment complex with quite a few young children and babies, and you know there are people out there who would love a chance to get out for a night without their children. But how do you get started?

You’ve already found a great idea for a babysitting service flyer, but you’re nervous about being alone with some stranger’s child. The first step is to find out if you’re suited for babysitting, and if you’re ready for the responsibility. ParentMap points out several signs that you might be ready for the responsibility; pay attention and see if you can answer “Yes” to all of these.

Do you enjoy spending time with children? Are you responsible enough to finish your homework on time? Do you complete your chores around the house? Do you have the ability to think through situations and respond appropriately? Are you patient enough to calm things down when “boys will be boys?”

The second step is to get the experience and education. If you’ve got younger siblings, this is probably the easiest route—offer to babysit for Mom and Dad, so you get experience being on your own with the children. If that won’t work, look for cousins, nieces, nephews—basically, any family member who might trust you with their precious bundle of joy for a few hours.

Failing that, it’s time to reach out to friends of the family. The important part is getting the experience. You could also try helping out at your church or other volunteer-based organization, just to get the experience. It’s also a good idea to take basic first aid classes and CPR, if possible.

Situations are rare when you might need the skills, but having the certifications under your belt will definitely help. If your community offers babysitting classes, take one! More and more parents, with the help of early childhood research, are seeing the importance of employing certified babysitters.

So, if you have the chance to become a certified babysitter, do it…you can also command a slightly higher wage if you’ve got the certification to prove you’re a quality babysitter. Once you’ve gotten the education and experience, it’s time to advertise your babysitting business.

Put flyers up around your neighborhood or apartment complex, in mailboxes, or even just hand them out door to door. You’ll pass out a lot more flyers than you’ll get business from, but that’s the nature of any type of business. Expect 4 out of 5 of your flyers to go straight into the trash.

Besides, if you get more calls than you can handle, you can always apologetically decline the job and ask them to keep you in mind next time. When you get your first paid babysitting gig, make sure you show up on time and with something educational you can do with the children.

You might decide to take along an educational book for the right age group, such as these books for 7-year-olds. With some hard work and practice, you can build a thriving babysitting business and learn work skills. You’ll also be learning valuable skills dealing with babies, toddlers and children for when you have a family of your own. Best of all, though, you’ll be earning money that you can use for the important things in life: movies, music, and Taco Bell.

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2 Top Books for 7 Year Olds

Being a kid is characterized with full of imagination and creativity. As a parent, it is your responsibility to reinforce the reading needs of your kids. There are lots of choices when it comes to books for 7 year olds that are available nowadays. You can get them through hard copy; there is also an option do download them as an ebook.

The following are the top 2 books for your kids that you should add in your bookshelf:

  • Ramona book collection is one of the best classics for children aging 7 and up. The story is about Ramona and Beezus and their adventures. Kids could really learn a lot from this series of stories. The story is in the point of view of a child so the target reader could really understand it well. Ramona’s character is simply adorable as she is displaying her usual stubbornness. Most girls have experienced this kind of situation so they can learn from it.
  • Another amazing book which young boys will really love is the series Secret Agent Jack Stalwart. This book was written by Elizabeth Singer and was named as a must read book by the British government secretary of education. This series will walk the reader through the journey of Jack as he uncovers and solves mystery. This is very fitting for young boys. If you want them to keep reading, you should give them an interesting book like this one.

Books for kids are playing a vital role in the developmental stage. With the right material being reinforced to your little ones, they will grow up with great cognitive ability, excellent command in language and rich word bank. Encourage your kids to read. Start with simple yet fun readings.

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3 Top Books for 6 Year Olds

Six year old kids are categorized in the developmental stage wherein interaction is a must. At this very age, parents should know that their kids are undergoing noticeable development especially in the aspect of language.

Some kid’s language skills are a little delayed because they were not given the right materials by their parents. As a parent, you should know what this the stage wherein your kids may need necessary reinforcement.

To boost the communication skills at this age, you need to provide them with the best materials under the category of books for 6 year olds. Here are the books that you can give them:

  • Collection of books by Dr. Seuss. Dr. Seuss Page is the bestselling author of several books for kids. You can get any of his books online or the nearest bookstore. Each of Dr. Seuss’s books is rich in illustration and useful vocabularies.
  • Knock Knock Who’s There by Tad Hills. This book will crack your kids up as they read along the funny punch lines collected especially for them. This book will enrich the cognitive side of the brain. The word play displayed in the book will help the language and comprehension skill of the child.
  • Ivy and Bean’s Secret Treasure Box by Annie Barrows. There are children books that are written specifically for girls and one example of them is this material. This book is the story two girls, Ivy and Bean. Uncover their secrets by getting this book.

To further help improve the communication skill of kids from 6 year olds above, feeding them with valuable reading material will help. As a result, they will grow up as smart and mentally matured individuals. This stage also highlights the ability of your kids to be sociable. With the right books you are giving them, they can be able to express themselves freely especially when talking to their peers.

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How to Potty Training Boys Super Quickly

Potty training boys is quite stressful as most of the moms are saying based on their experiences.  This kind of stress is very common but due to the help of some experts, there are so many ways on how to get around this kind of potty training issue.

For you to start on how to potty train a boy, here are some of the basic tips that might be very useful along the process:

  • Enlist Daddy or older brother. Like any ordinary kids, young boys tend to copy things that adults are doing. If the boy doesn’t have an older male sibling, you can have him observe his daddy when going to the restroom. As he does it regularly, he will realize that boys have different way of peeing compared to mom.
  • Proper way of wees. Since your child is still young, start teaching him on how to wee by sitting on the potty train. As he gets a little older, you could introduce weeing while standing. Add fun into his weeing habit by putting a ball target into the tool. He can wee on the target so there will be no leaks on the floor.
  • Getting tools for him. Once your boy is ready, make sure that you are also ready not only emotionally but physically. When he starts showing signs like diaper irritation, start introducing him to the potty tool. During this stage, encourage him to wear underpants. Discourage him from going back to diapers again.
  • Rewards. This is the last resort whenever the boys are becoming so stubborn. This will attract their diverted attention. With the rewards waiting, boys will always perform their potty activity very well.

Toilet training boys may come in different ways depending on the personality of the child. Make sure that you have read manuals and books related to potty training before starting the process.

How to Select a Perfect Step Stool for Your Child

step stoolIf you want to ensure that your little one is safe when accessing higher places, getting them a step tool is a good choice. When kids are on the process of growing up, they are always very explorative. Right after their potty activity, they might want to reach the sink and wash their hands. Since there is no potty tool, kids will start to use other things inside the house like chair, stool and any elevated object.

The problem is these things are dangerous since their parameters do not match with the kid’s height and weight. It could lead to physical injury. Choosing the best step stool for kids is crucial aid for the child’s developmental training. Make sure that you are making the right choice. As a simple guide in choosing your toddler step stool, here is some of the list that you could always follow:

1. Parameter. This is a frontrunner when choosing your tool. Make sure that the tool you will get will match the physical features of your kids. Some kids would love to carry their tools when they go to the kitchen to get some cookies. There are some lightweight and compact step tools that you could always get.

2. Color. To further enhance your training, make sure that your tool is also attractive and stunning. In some cases, parents could requests to the providers to customize the tool by putting the baby’s name into it.

3. Material. Nowadays, most tools are made of plastic. If you get a plastic material, make sure that it is durable and not slippery. Wooden kids step stool is usually favorable due to its sturdiness.

More tips on how to potty train your girl visit this site