Plush Animals For A New Generation

It is hard to believe that now we have focus on many developments, but not for the technological advancement of toys. Sure we are talking about toys, I know it seems to be of no consequence to you and me, But for children it means everything. You can purchase many different toys for your children, but I want to talk about the toy called “MushaBellies”. These are indeed plush toys, but this toy comes with a virtual augmented reality game, that can be played on an I pad or Cell Phone. These toys for children come in all sorts like bees hedgehogs, cows etc.

The benefit of letting your children play with MushaBellies is most toys provide only amusement for children but MushaBellies also provide entertainment. It is like they can enter an augmented reality along with the MushaBellies. This means that when your child receives one of these toys, they can play with the plush toy as well as having fun in the virtual world of MushaBellies at the same time.

Remember when we were small and played with stuffed animals? We had to imagine a world of our own. MushaBellies provide that world, a safe fun virtual world for your child to play. We complain about violent video games where innocent charm is lost, but this isn’t the case with MushaBellies every child even their friends can be and play in a safe virtual environment at the same time, even any adult would love to play in the augmented reality of a MushaBellies.

This is a great way to revive the fun of having a plush animal. You could buy them right on the web site and then load them on the Internet. Now you and your friends can gather and have fun with your new toys at the kitchen table, in the park, anywhere! You can have so much fun with MushaBellies. You can set up your target almost anywhere and the best part is you can capture photos of the game in action and email them to your friends and family. We give you a secret code to load your MushaBellies onto the Internet. The best part is the more MushaBellies you get the more levels you can play.

There are so many MushaBellies for you to choose from. You could Purchase the unusual ones like the hedgehog or the more popular one like the bumblebee! And you can have many Mushabellies playing in your virtual world at once. Add to your game whenever you can and have more adventures! So don’t wait. Just go on the Internet to HeeBeeGeeBees Toy Store and you can easily find the perfect MushaBellies for your child.

Click here to go to HeeBeeGeeBees Toy Store to see the video explaining more about the MushaBellies toys and purchase your own augmented reality MushaBellies

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