2 Top Books for 7 Year Olds

Being a kid is characterized with full of imagination and creativity. As a parent, it is your responsibility to reinforce the reading needs of your kids. There are lots of choices when it comes to books for 7 year olds that are available nowadays. You can get them through hard copy; there is also an option do download them as an ebook.

The following are the top 2 books for your kids that you should add in your bookshelf:

  • Ramona book collection is one of the best classics for children aging 7 and up. The story is about Ramona and Beezus and their adventures. Kids could really learn a lot from this series of stories. The story is in the point of view of a child so the target reader could really understand it well. Ramona’s character is simply adorable as she is displaying her usual stubbornness. Most girls have experienced this kind of situation so they can learn from it.
  • Another amazing book which young boys will really love is the series Secret Agent Jack Stalwart. This book was written by Elizabeth Singer and was named as a must read book by the British government secretary of education. This series will walk the reader through the journey of Jack as he uncovers and solves mystery. This is very fitting for young boys. If you want them to keep reading, you should give them an interesting book like this one.

Books for kids are playing a vital role in the developmental stage. With the right material being reinforced to your little ones, they will grow up with great cognitive ability, excellent command in language and rich word bank. Encourage your kids to read. Start with simple yet fun readings.

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3 Top Books for 6 Year Olds

Six year old kids are categorized in the developmental stage wherein interaction is a must. At this very age, parents should know that their kids are undergoing noticeable development especially in the aspect of language.

Some kid’s language skills are a little delayed because they were not given the right materials by their parents. As a parent, you should know what this the stage wherein your kids may need necessary reinforcement.

To boost the communication skills at this age, you need to provide them with the best materials under the category of books for 6 year olds. Here are the books that you can give them:

  • Collection of books by Dr. Seuss. Dr. Seuss Page is the bestselling author of several books for kids. You can get any of his books online or the nearest bookstore. Each of Dr. Seuss’s books is rich in illustration and useful vocabularies.
  • Knock Knock Who’s There by Tad Hills. This book will crack your kids up as they read along the funny punch lines collected especially for them. This book will enrich the cognitive side of the brain. The word play displayed in the book will help the language and comprehension skill of the child.
  • Ivy and Bean’s Secret Treasure Box by Annie Barrows. There are children books that are written specifically for girls and one example of them is this material. This book is the story two girls, Ivy and Bean. Uncover their secrets by getting this book.

To further help improve the communication skill of kids from 6 year olds above, feeding them with valuable reading material will help. As a result, they will grow up as smart and mentally matured individuals. This stage also highlights the ability of your kids to be sociable. With the right books you are giving them, they can be able to express themselves freely especially when talking to their peers.

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